Shelf Stable AND Gluten Free!

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My hubby and I were just discussing shelf stable foods the other day.  Being on the emergency task force for FEMA, he sometimes gets deployed during emergencies (Hurricane Irene was the latest).  All the other members just eat MRE’s provided on site, but Brad is very limited and actually cannot go on the longer-term deployments, due to nothing to eat.

So I am totally pumped about the great deal I have to share with you. has given me a special code, just for my readers, to get 10% off site-wide on their products (EVEN SALE ITEMS) with coupon code GFF10 at checkout.  You can also use code SALE10.

GoPicnic specializes in shelf stable foods, and even better, provides gluten free options! While 10% isn’t, like, knock your socks off or anything, it is 10% better than you are usually able to get on even mainstream shelf stable foods.  They are EXPENSIVE!  So I will take what I can get.  Plus, they actually look like they’d taste better than cardboard!

Some of the options include:

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