Gluten Free French Bread Recipe

I just found a recipe for Gluten Free French Bread by Carol at Simply Gluten Free. It looks really inexpensive to make, and easy too! I wonder if you could make grilled sandwiches on French bread….I am just having no luck with gluten free breads in my kitchen right now!

To make it, make sure you have the following:  Sweet Rice Flour, Tapioca Flour, Finely Ground White Rice Flour, an Oven Thermometer, and a French Bread pan. Before buying online, if you have a local Asian food store, check there for your flours! They charge a fraction of the price, and sometimes the only place you can find finely ground white rice flour.

I tried to hunt down the best deals for you on some of these items from Amazon if you need them, which is where I often buy things like this. I am SO bummed to see that the price for the pan dropped in the last 2 days! I just ordered it at $20.99 2 days ago!!! Make sure you use the Subscribe & Save price whenever possible to get the best deal. You can always cancel if you don’t want the shipments to continue!

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  1. You know, I was about to donate my french bread pan that my dad had given me years ago when I stumbled on a blogger writing about going to a GF baking workshop with Carol Fenster and how that pan helped so much. So off the donate pile it came. I have yet to use it though.

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