All Detergent for $1 at Dollar General!

This deal definitely works! I ran to my local Dollar General today and found All Free Clear for $3.50 as advertised. I bought 2 of them. Then, I used two $1.50/1 DG coupons found here, and stacked them with two $1/1 manufacturer coupons from the 1/1 RP. The only hitch I ran into was that the cashier had to split them into 2 transactions. She told me they were in the process of fixing the computers to allow both a manufacturer and a store coupon on the same item (apparently it has been their policy, but the registers were not allowing it!?). So it is only partially fixed as of right now.

Makes no sense to me that I was able to use 2 coupons on 1 item, but not 4 coupons on 2 items. But she was really helpful and apologetic that it was a hassle for me (instead of making me feel crummy) so I will probably go back there, and maybe start posting a few more Dollar General deals!

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  1. steph hess says:

    I had the same issue. I hope they fix it soon. it’s so annoying when the employees don’t even know about it. My cashier was nice, but she didn’t think she could use a dollar general coupon and a manufacturers coupon on one item. It took three off , but wouldn’t take the 1.50 off twice. So it cost me an extra 1.50. Still a good deal though.

  2. what $1.5 store coupon? they have just $0.5 at their site!
    Plus, store comp didn’t accept both coupons, so I got just $2.5 for 28 loads! Sam’s has the same price without any coupons! I just spent my time (and ink) : (

    • Hi Elle, the $1.50 coupon is in the same place as the $0.50 coupon, you just have to either Share on Facebook, or Share by Email with 2 friends (the instructions are there). Dollar General’s coupon policy clearly states that they accept 1 manufacturer coupon and 1 store coupon per item, so the store absolutely should have accepted both coupons. However, like I had mentioned in my post, the computers do not always allow it (clearly a big customer service issue), which requires the cashier and/or manager to override it. Always a good idea to print out the store coupon policy and take it with you. It’s here:

      I hope you have better luck next time, and don’t forget to take along that policy! It’s on your side :)

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