Shopping Trip: $14.86 at Aldi

I took a trip to Aldi today. After posting those spectacular produce deals yesterday I knew I had to get out there! I have also been hearing really nice things about Aldi’s labeling and I wanted to check it out. I go to Aldi about every other week typically, but I usually buy primarily produce, because I was under the impression that a “cheaper” store would be less vigilant about GF labeling. Well, BOY was I wrong!

I went a bit camera-happy at Aldi today and probably made some people stare, but I just had to show you how great their labeling is!

Whole Peeled Tomatoes

Pasta Sauce

Diced Tomatoes

Tortilla Chips

Dried Cranberries

French Vanilla Cappuccino

And there was SO much more:  Canned vegetables, tomato sauce, beans, peanut butter, all marked! Obviously I couldn’t take a picture of everything.

I was surprised that it seemed like their fruits were not marked. I did not check them all, but applesauce in particular was not marked gluten-free (or lactose-free), even though it had none of those ingredients. So depending on your preferences, you may be able to purchase more of their items than are actually marked. But hey, it’s a spectacular start!

Here’s what I picked up at Aldi today:

  • Three Apple Juice Concentrate at $0.92 each
  • Two pounds of frozen Ground Turkey at $1.49 each
  • Ten pound bag of Potatoes $4.69
  • Two 8-ounce containers of mushrooms $0.69 each
  • Two Peppers $0.79
  • Broccoli $1.39
  • Three Tomato Sauce at $0.29 each

Final Cost:  $14.86

Things to remember when shopping at Aldi (courtesy of Emily at Our Frugal Happy Life)

  • Bring a quarter for your shopping cart.
  • Bring your own bags.
  • Aldi only accepts cash or debit, not credit.
  • Always check the “Special Buys” section (markdowns) at your Aldi – you never know what you might find!
  • Aldi offers a Double Guarantee on all of their products: “If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied with any product, we will gladly replace the product AND refund your money.” (You don’t see that too often!)

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  1. Shari Hegland says:

    I shop Aldi weekly for produce, and love their brand of nuts and dried fruit for snacking or adding to yogurt. I will have to check more of the canned tomatoes, now. Their instant brown rice is also a great price, and at ours I can usually get frozen wild-caught Alaskan salmon for about $4.99 per one-pound package, and frozen tilapia filets for about $3.99 – that’s tough to beat around here.

  2. Maureen Chausse says:

    Don’t know if you knew this, but Aldi is owned by Trader Joe’s. There are plenty of items sold at Trader Joe’s and Aldi under the same brand name.

    Just thought you would like to know.

  3. Jenn Riale says:

    That’s great! Things have changed there (for the better!). Over a year ago, I was calling the company and then having to contact individual suppliers to find out the gluten-free status, which was always pretty ambigious at best. They lost my business as a result (not worth taking a chance). Somewhere along the line, they’ve figured it out…which is INCREDIBLE!!! They have my business again!!! (:

  4. Jenn Riale says:

    Here’s info. on the connection between Trader Joe’s and ALDI:

  5. Yes, their labeling is just one of the many reasons I love Aldi! I buy quite a bit of our groceries there, especially we live in a rural area and just don’t have access to the “deals” that are available to others.

    I have also found that Aldi is very quick to answer questions if you have any. I have submitted a question through their website and have gotten a response in hours!

  6. Camera happy is right:) Keep up the good work Beautiful, See you later!!

  7. I noticed the gluten free labeling last time I was in there since we are now trying to go gluten free. I was surprised at how many things were labeled so easily to read. I also noticed their milk and eggs are hormone and antibiotic free…took me a while to get use to this store, now it’s one of my favorite stores…can’t beat the prices!

  8. I have been shopping Aldi’s for awhile now even before we found out our grand daughter was tested positive for Celiacs. I was reading the back of the bag of corn chips & was like wow, she can eat these, the cheese puffs, they have pudding & all & you really can’t beat the prices there as when you have to be totally Gluten Free it is very exspensive. Can’t wait to find cheaper bread, $ 5.00 a small loaf of bread is a little pricey, & the food prices are high enough already. But Aldi’s is always my first stop, i mean where can you get a dozen eggs for .88 cents,,,no where. But I have also seen some of their prices go up since they opened here.

  9. things that aren’t labled gluten free but don’t contain those normal gluten ingredients (like the applesauce) might be made on machinery that processes things with gluten…this can make a difference for celiac patients. I know a 4 yr old that vomits for hours with one crumb of gluten exposure due to her celiacs. Even some things labled gluten free she can’t eat because they are processed on the same machinery that processes foods with gluten.

  10. We LOVE Aldi’s here. Like it’s the ONLY grocery store we visit besides the produce market!

    Most labels at Aldi’s if cross contaminated will state there is a risk of it. Also If you have a question about something their customer service is lightning fast during normal business hours. I emailed them last week about their oats and within MINUTES the company that harvest them CALLED me on the phone to talk to me about it! Their Oats are sadly HIGHLY cross contaminated with wheat.
    But here are some other things that are gluten free:
    -ground turkey
    -whole chickens (85 cents a lb here!)
    -salsa(best salsa!)
    -coco powder
    -baking soda
    -canned veggies
    -canned beans
    -corn taco shells (<YUM we eat these once a week!)
    -rice crackers(their new asian food line!)
    -sweet and sour dipping sauce
    -sweet chili Asian sauce
    -country buttery spread
    -chicken broth
    -fruit juices(the cranberry rasberry is excellent!)
    and MANY other things!
    I BELIEVE their rice chex are gluten free. I and my husband have gone over the ingredients thoroughly and nothing looks like it would have gluten. The label does not have a cross contamination warning. But I plan on emailing them soon to as about it!

  11. Hello, my son has just been diagnosed with CD & we are loving Aldi’s GF products. Ive just tried the bread mix & my son loves it, he actually prefers it to the store brought bread that is twice the price… I’m happy about that :)

    • I had no idea Aldi had a gluten-free bread mix! I’ll have to look a bit harder next time I’m there…

  12. Aldi is great . It is a sort of hassle to shop there since the stores are small and crowded and have only one checker most of the time but this is how they keep them prices low . It is worth the hassle .
    Do not forget their cookware . They own Kitchen Living and the products are top rate . I only wish they would stock their pans every day . Whole sets would be amazing . As it is it is a rare occasion to find any of it . I love my large fry pan . It is not the cheap flimsy crap others sell for that price .
    Oh and gold and red bell peppers can not be beat . A 3 pack cost about 1.50 to 2.50 . My local big name store – about 4 bucks each pepper ! Got to pay for that very big fancy shopping experience .

  13. I was a little nervous to shop at Aldi, but since I’ve read all of these great things, I can’t wait to try. Thanks for all the info!

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