10 Days of Gluten Free: Day 7

Welcome to Day 7 of 10 Days of Gluten Free. Here’s today’s frugal tip:

Pack it! Of course, if you’re gluten-free, you most likely are already packing, since grabbing a gluten-free lunch when you’re at work isn’t going to be very easy in most situations. But what are you packing? If you’re trying to duplicate a regular gluten-filled lunch, your lunches will still be expensive, and probably won’t taste as good.  For instance, a gluten-free sandwich doesn’t taste nearly as good if it hasn’t been toasted first, and who wants to cart a toaster around? Get creative with some of these ideas:

  • Chips or GF crackers with hummus
  • Fruits and vegetables, already cut up, with gluten-free dip
  • Hard-boiled eggs (for a protein boost!)
  • Yogurt cup
  • Any kind of salad – try adding some cold meat as a topping, such as chicken or ham

We find that being gluten-free, while it has its own expenses (of course!) actually forces us to save money in this particular area. Because of the diet, we don’t eat out much, and we can’t just do the “stop and grab something” routine. We are forced to plan ahead, and that’s a good thing! Have other good “pack it yourself” ideas? Leave a comment!

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  1. Yep, turns out that’s true about the GF diet. You do have to watch it and plan ahead. *nods*

  2. I find that Udi’s bread doesn’t have to be toasted to make a good sandwich. And one of my favorite lunches is Nut Thins (Pecan) with goat cheese, and dried figs. You could add some sliced meat with that, or some jam on the crackers with the goat cheese.

  3. Thanks great ideas

  4. Caitlin says:

    I also use rice cakes because they are cheaper then bread and won’t get soggy. Plus they are less calories. My lunch yesterday was half of a bagel with cream cheese, broccoli and hummus. I also try to eat fruit or salads to be healthy. I try to stay away from too much processed foods, though I so have fruit snacks, cookies and KIND bars for emergency snacks (to keep me from feeling to sad when others are snacking on food I cannot eat).

  5. I am fairly a newbie to gluten free. I started having rash about 7 years ago everyday but not all the time. I thought it was just stress from my jobs or some sort of allergy. I started 2012 with a new healthy kick where I now go to the gym at least 2 hours a day and started to eat healthier incorporating organic foods, juicing, and now trying to go gluten free. I’m still learning about what foods are considered gluten free unless it’s on the package itself. I also want to learn to cook more gluten-free foods myself.

  6. Bonnie B says:

    This has been hard needing to be egg and dairy free, but taking lunches every day. My daughter has found toasting the bread before school but assembling the sandwich fixings at lunch time on the bread has made the sandwich better.

  7. This is so true. We’ve been spending more on groceries, not because we are buying specialty gluten-free stuff, but because we are buying more meat and vegies to make up for the lack of breads, rice, potatoes (because we also limit carbs). But we’ve been spending a lot less on eating out because I get sick every time I try it, LOL. I think it will all even out, eventually.

  8. We pack about the same items you do.

  9. Jessica B says:

    I rarely eat sandwiches anymore because there are so few good breads out there and they are so expensive.

  10. Great tips!

  11. Angel R. says:

    We keep a bag full of things my son likes to eat, and it goes EVERYWHERE we go. Never have to worry about finding something suitable for him!

  12. Cindy W. says:

    I always pack a lunch.

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