Share Your Gluten-Free Story: Meet Dee!

This is a guest post by Dee.

My 2 sons displayed symptoms of food allergy early in their lives, so I have been on the journey of eating “alternatively” for a while. We focused on avoiding dairy mostly and were slowly working towards more “whole” & “organic” eating.

My youngest son complained of stomach aches from time to time, but I knew we had to take it seriously when I saw him at age 18, stop in his tracks doubled-over in pain & declare he couldn’t take the summer trip he had so been looking forward to. We had tried a few things, like eating yeast-free since that had been a problem for me earlier in my life, but still the pain continued.

I had been doing research on the internet & found some of his symptoms talked about w/people who were eating gluten free as their cure. So we started eliminating gluten, & he began to feel some better. I then heard about the Fine Clinic that would test patients without a doctor middle-man. The money was well worth the answers: severe gluten intolerance, with markers from both parents. We had pressure from family & friends to “get tested” so he went to a gastroenterologist, who ran blood tests as well as internal scans. No celiac, no anything, except for slight inflammation in his colon. The doctor wanted to put him on a prescription medicine, which neither my son, nor I, wanted to do.

As more time passed, and we became more careful about cross-contamination, and hidden gluten, he became better & better. I joined him in the diet, partly for encouragement for him & partly because of the DNA results. (My husband still refuses to eat GF though!) I found that my arthritis has completely disappeared by eating GF, and I know pretty quickly if I eat something w/hidden gluten because my pain returns.

Both of my sons are foodies, and began making GF recipes because what we found in the stores was so bad! They had a GF business for about 2 years in the local Farmers Market before they moved away. My oldest son seems to have some gluten intolerance, but has not embraced eating GF completely. My youngest son also has some other food allergies, but eating Gluten Free has definitely made a wonderful difference in his life. He is now a chef at a Youth Camp, & is able to fix alternative meals for those who need it.

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  1. laura besser says:

    gluten intolerance and celia run in my family on my mom’s side.

    grandfather lost 2/3 of his stomach. my daugter is celiac. i suffered my whole lie and have never been disagnosed. i am now 48 and have been gluten free six months and i have never felt better.i have no doctor and take no meds.i get acupunture every month

  2. laura besser says:

    trust youself

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