10 Days of Gluten Free: Day 10

Welcome to the final day of 10 Days of Gluten Free. Here’s today’s frugal tip:

Split it with a friend! If you find a great deal on an item in bulk, but know you won’t use that much of it, consider splitting the cost and the product with a friend. If you have several gluten-free friends, you could split multiple ways, thereby each getting a lower cost, but still not having “potato starch coming out your ears”! It’s not a savings if it goes bad before you can use it, so always take your family’s needs and usage into consideration before making a big purchase.

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  1. Sounds like I need to find some gluten-free friends. :)

  2. Good idea. Hadn’t thought of that.

  3. lol Something I’m kind of guilty of doing. XD Luckily I can share with my mom so it doesn’t go to waste.

  4. Buying some things in bulk is okay with me, as long as the product is not in bins accessible to kids! I’ve seen some kids sticking their fingers into places while their mom was checking out something nearby.

  5. Jessica B says:

    I need some gluten free friends too.

  6. Bonnie B says:

    What a great idea that I hadn’t thought of. Thanks!

  7. Angel R. says:

    Wonderful idea!

  8. Natalie says:

    I agree with a previous post; I need to find some gluten-free friends. Unfortunately, in my small middle Georgia town, I know no one who has celiac disease other than me (and possibly my sons who haven’t been tested yet. They’re both in their late teens and think that I am exaggerating my need to be completely gluten free with no cross contamination.)

    • Discus this with your doctor. She or He may be able to connect to you to others in your community.

      If you’re willing to share your info, the doc can share it with others and still keep people privacy.

  9. I have a gluten free friend and we ofter combine our orders so we can buy case lots and get it much cheaper.

  10. Cindy W. says:

    Good suggestion.

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