Our Weekly Menu Plan

Here’s our menu plan for the coming week. You’ll see lots of repeats this week, since last week really didn’t go at all like we planned, so please excuse the lack of variety!

Sunday – Banana Bread, Scrambled Eggs
Monday – Baked Oatmeal, bacon
Tuesday – Eggs in Baskets, Fruit Smoothies
Wednesday – “Banana Bread” Muffins (recipe coming!), Fried Eggs
Thursday – Gluten-Free Pancakes, bacon
Friday – Leftover Baked Oatmeal
Saturday – Eggs and Potatoes 

Sunday – Taco Soup, tortilla chips
Monday through Friday – Leftovers
Saturday – Cheesy Hamburger Potato Soup 

Sunday – “Spaghizza” made with gluten-free pasta
Monday – Crock Pot Vegetarian Baked Beans with Hot Dogs over Rice, Frozen Veggies
Tuesday – Ham, Green Beans & Potatoes, Sweet Corn Muffins
Wednesday – Vegetable Beef Soup, Sweet Corn Muffins
Thursday – Minestrone SoupFrench Bread
Friday – Mexican Rice with Pinto Beans, applesauce
Saturday – Beef Roast with Potatoes and Carrots, canned peaches 

As with all recipes, make sure your ingredients are gluten-free and meet your family’s dietary needs!

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