Finally! Some Pictures from this Past Week

2013-0423 (1)

2013-0423 (2)

2013-0423 (3)

2013-0423 (4)

I know I have been very remiss in getting any pictures posted of our recent move. That is because we have been so crazy, just trying to get our lives in order. But I feel like FINALLY we might be settling into a semblance of a routine. There will be more pictures coming, but for now I thought you might enjoy seeing what our yard looked like when we moved in! The house was vacant for about a year, so we had a year’s worth of leaves in the yard.

We back up to woods, so we raked all the leaves into huge piles on tarps, then dragged the tarps into the woods and dumped all the leaves down the mountain. So much fun! ;)

Hopefully my blog will be getting into a bit more of my regular routine soon. I know I have been terribly negligent on some of your favorite features, like Cooking With Kayla and Our Weekly Menu Plans, simply because we weren’t doing those things ourselves! But I am going to be getting our family back into our routine, so hopefully my blog will follow.

Thank you all so much for your patience with me during this crazy but exciting time in our lives! And, keep an eye out for more pictures soon!

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  1. Beautiful home, Congratulations and Lots of Luck!

  2. Congratulations on the new home!
    Thanks Janelle for posting all the great deals you find! I appreciate all your hard work!

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