When Your Gluten-Free Kid is Invited to a Party


I’m guest posting over at Gluten-Free Homemaker today on the fun topic of When Your Gluten-Free Kid is Invited to a Party!

Does your heart sink every time your gluten-free kid brings home a party invitation? Kayla gets so excited every time she is invited to a sleepover or a birthday party, but I know that I now have to make contact with the parent and glean information. What will be served? What can I bring that would be comparable? Would there be a way to allow my child to have an alternative meal without bringing excessive attention to my child?

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  1. My daughter is seven & she was two, when we found out. She does great understanding that she can’t eat what the other kids can. I always have pack her food & a cupcake for her. Not only for Birthday party, but for school party’s. I think the biggest part is making sure your child knows why they have to have a different diet. My daughter knows what happens if she eats gluten. She choose to ask & question what is given to her. As a mother my job is to protect her but also teach her why, she needs to understand what she is putting in her body. I will not always be their to make sure she makes the right choices when it come to her food. But she will be.

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