Important Legal Stuff

First off, please let me clarify that Gluten Freely Frugal is a blog, currently administered by me, Janelle, which is in no way affiliated with or sponsored by Gluten Freely, a division of General Mills.

The purpose of Gluten Freely Frugal is to help families everywhere tackle the gluten free lifestyle with knowledge, savvy, and SAVINGS!  I will do my best to present you with accurate information at all times.

I am not offering medical advice in any manner regarding the diagnosis or treatment of celiac disease or gluten intolerance. Please seek the advice of a medical professional if you have questions about anything that may affect your health. Nothing I claim with regard to my or my family’s health has been evaluated by any agency, they are solely my experience, observation and opinion.

I am not a medical professional, and sometimes, something that may be okay for my family, might not work for yours.  There are many allergies besides gluten, and many varying degrees of gluten intolerance as well.  All products that are certified as “gluten free” must be manufactured in a dedicated gluten free facility.  I will often post coupons or deals for items which are not certified as gluten free, but which may be okay for most people.  In addition, there is no current U.S. standard for the gluten free status of a product.  

I will present offers, information, and opportunities that I feel are useful.  Whether you participate is up to you, and I carry no liability for the accuracy or performance of any of those offers, whether it be coupons, purchases, or the accuracy or safety of any of those items.  This blog is merely for the purpose of sharing with you what I find helpful.

And a special note regarding cosmetics, personal care products, and household items:  As I am sure many of you know, trying to find items that the companies will guarantee to be gluten free is next to impossible.  As a family, we have decided that monitoring food is enough, and we have not attempted to further discern gluten free claims regarding these other products.  Therefore, when posting drugstore deals and various personal care/household coupons, the gluten free status of these items HAS NOT BEEN VERIFIED.  This is our personal choice for our family, in the interest of time and sanity.  For others, this may not be the best choice.  If you are concerned about the gluten free status of these types of products, please contact the manufacturer directly.

The same rule applies to medications, both over the counter and prescription.  Since drug companies are not yet legally required to state gluten on the labels, please confirm with the manufacturer or your medical professional that you can safely consume a particular medication.

If you read something on my blog that you are concerned about, please ask your doctor and verify all facts, and you should always read labels with reference to your own personal situation.  I am not a medical professional, nor do I dispense medical advice. Statements made in blog posts about products have not been reviewed by any governmental agency, unless stated. Items listed as gluten or other allergen free are done so based on information provided by the product manufacturer or generally acceptable information. I will usually post links to a company’s website, rather than stating outright whether an item is truly gluten free.  Many companies are releasing gluten free statements, and each company handles the situation a bit differently, due to the lack of a solid legal standard to go by.  I will always do my best to ensure that my information is accurate and up to date, but ultimately the responsibility is up to you.

Finally, anything posted on Gluten Freely Frugal is the property of Gluten Freely Frugal (or their respective trademark/copyright holders).  Please don’t take it and claim it as your own or use it without permission.

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