The Essential Gluten-Free Grocery Guide

Update: Triumph Dining has now released The Essential Gluten-Free Grocery Guide, 5th Edition, which is what I will be using for my posts. Please see notes below.

I wanted to make you aware of a small change in how I will be posting regarding an item’s gluten free status.

In the past, when posting about coupons, I have typically linked to an item’s manufacturer page, or some other page that has relevant information about that item’s gluten free status. This is for several reasons:

1) Usually the information is way too lengthy to copy into each post, and it is best for the reader to find out the information they are seeking for themselves, as each person may be looking for different information.

2) To protect myself. There are so many definitions of “gluten free” (good grief, the government can’t even seem to find an exact definition!), so I would prefer not to be held responsible for making a claim. I would rather let the manufacturer do that.

I will still continue to link to manufacturer’s websites or other sites when I feel it is appropriate. However, I have made a SWEEEET new discovery, and I am finding myself turning to this resource because it is just, well, easier than looking every single item up online.

I was recently contacted by Triumph Dining and offered a copy of The Essential Gluten-Free Grocery Guide to use and review. I will be posting a review in the near future (and a giveaway)! However, I am already finding this to be oh so useful in looking up items’ gluten free status, that it is rapidly becoming my go-to, instead of searching out the manufacturers’ statements. Basically because this book has already done that work for me.

This grocery guide has multiple different “categories” of gluten free. They have sought out and spoken with every company listed in the book, and categorize each item/brand using several different criteria, such as cross-contamination potential, labeling practices, cleaning practices between batches, and multiple other factors. In addition, many companies simply claim “our products are gluten free” but give no further information. The book goes into all these details for each company.

However, I cannot possibly duplicate all the work they have done in this book, on my blog. For one, it wouldn’t be nice, and second, it wouldn’t be legal. Therefore, when I am using this resource in my deal and coupon posting, I will simply state the following:

^ – Gluten free according to The Essential Gluten-Free Grocery Guide, 4th Edition

Meaning, if it is in the book, I am considering it to be gluten free. Since the purpose of this blog really isn’t to research and tell you which products are, and are not, gluten free (that’s just a little extra thing I like to do to help out), but rather to help you find great deals and live the GF life on a budget, I think it would be rather redundant to be always deliberating over a company’s terminology, cleaning practices, etc. After all, that’s been done, and it’s been done well. If you see the above statement, you will know that I found the item I am posting about in this book, and therefore the company has made various gluten free claims for applicable items. For any further information, I must leave you to your own research.

I might add that I STRONGLY recommend that you get this book. I poo-poohed the idea for the last 5 years, telling myself I could get along without a book to help me. I have had it for less than a week as of this writing, and I don’t know how I EVER lived without it. This is the best resource I have ever come across.

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**This information is provided as a free service only, and should not be considered medical advice.  I will always do my best to ensure that my information regarding an item’s gluten free status is accurate and up to date, but ultimately you are responsible for your own health and verification of any statements made on this blog.**

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